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Too Many Hands In The Pot! September 15, 2010

Filed under: Learning By Example,Work at Home — Jennifer Gallaher - VAbyJen @ 3:10 pm

This post about having too many hands in the pot has moved to The Virtual Assistant Journal. Continue reading: Too Many Hands in the Pot


One Response to “Too Many Hands In The Pot!”

  1. cmvanvleet Says:

    Jennifer, that’s interesting. Because I spend so much time collaborating with large groups of people, I was a little puzzled regarding this initially. I often act as a go-between not only for my clients but also for subcontractors. I don’t often have a major issue come up (knock on wood!) so either that’s a testament to my communication skills or … I don’t know. I do know that when you have too many “bosses” in the pot – i.e. too many people trying to run the show “their” way, it can definitely get messy. Usually the owners either defer to me and my judgement and expect me to guide them or vice versa. Maybe what you’re experiencing is a poor communicator – the source is communicating well but the middle person doesn’t necessarily have good skills at that. Maybe you can find a way to work more directly with the source, so instead of a back and forth between you and the client, it’s more of a 3 way discussion so you get all the details. In any case, good luck and hopefully it’s just a temporary hiccup.

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