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This Is My Last Monday Post Before 2011! December 27, 2010

Filed under: Work at Home — Amber Whitener - Virtual IT Assistant @ 6:13 pm

What a crazy year! Right?

It feels sort of surreal for me to have this year behind me.

With graduation and having both kids in school I have been fortunate to have a LOT of changes that lead me to have more time to manage for work and home life!

As with any change it has taken so much energy and dedication to make the right adjustments to get the benefits of that change.

2011 is the year that I will see even more of those benefits!

We have decided to go ahead and move our blog to my self-hosted WordPress site so that we will no longer be limited by the blog rules. 🙂

I posted a how-to on importing and exporting WordPress blogs from one location to another.

The web new address is:


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