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31 Days of Wishes-Fun December 30, 2010

Filed under: 31 Days of Wishes — Jennifer Gallaher - VAbyJen @ 12:56 pm

This is my last post of the year and since we have been contributing to the 31 Days of Wishes, I thought it would be appropriate to end on that note.

My last wish for you all is to have fun!  Now that all of the stresses of the holidays are passing, take this opportunity to see the fun in your day.  For me, watching my son get excited to see his big sister puts together his Thomas the Train Mega Bloks train station is fun.  Seeing the sheer admiration for his big sister never gets old.

What about work?  This can be fun too!  Especially if you truly enjoy what you do.  Maybe putting on some music and zoning out while cranking out that last big project of the year is fun for you.  Or, how about the fun of actually accomplishing everything on your to-do-list?  May that doesn’t sound fun to you, but you can make it fun.  Try making a game out of completing things off of your list.  Create mini goals and set up a little reward system for yourself that you take advantage of once you complete your goals.  Just remember to make it fun!  Here are a few fun or silly rewards you can use:

  • Turn up a song you absolutely love and dance to it (Try “Mickey” by Toni Basil) – silly I know, but how fun!
  • By your favorite-of-the-moment song from iTunes
  • Read the next chapter a book you’ve been dying to finish
  • Create a voice recording for someone you haven’t seen in a while and email it out.
  • Play drums on your desk along with a song you like (Try “We Will Rock You” by Queen)  –  come on, you know you want to!

The whole point of this exercise and post, for that matter, is to get back to finding the fun in the little everyday things you experience.  Stop and slow down once in a while and experience life. 

Have fun!




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