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On the Move… January 10, 2011

Filed under: Work at Home — Amber @ 7:54 pm

This is the last post here at I have been working in my (very scarce) spare time to get us moved to

Where are we going?
We are moving to a new (and still being improved) location:

The Virtual Assistant Journal

Why are we going?
Even though isn’t the most obvious address for us to move to. 🙂 The girls were so gracious as to agree to start blogging there (at my old personal blog) so that I may work more with my self-hosted site (on a regular basis) and not be bound by the limits of a blog.

Are we still going to continue writing about our work at home life?
Absolutely. In fact, now we will be able to incorporate even more interaction with you as we integrate Facebook and you’ll be able to connect to us on Facebook directly from there. Or at least we get to work more with the recommendations plug-ins and such.

What about all of the content that is already here? Will we still be able to get to it?

Isn’t it tacky to just duplicate the content have it in both places online?
Yes. So this is what we are going to do. While we are going to leave the posts up at this location, many will be changed to a type of excerpt with a link to the full article at We are doing this for the purpose of making sure that when people pull up a search result that has already been indexed, they won’t just get a message saying that this content doesn’t exist anymore.

We will leave this blog up and then when all of the’s links are indexed properly, we will have the option to delete this blog.

For those of you in the SEO business, this will make more sense. For everyone else just know that this process does take a long time when it is done correctly.


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