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What Popular Niche Channels on YouTube Have in Common October 25, 2010

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Here is a list of 6 lessons I compiled while studying a couple of successful YouTube channels. Creating YouTube channels with a strong following and creating viral videos that you want everyone in the whole world to see at least once are two very different things. (We will get back to the infamous-type viral videos that almost everyone has seen at least once next Monday.)

1. They Have an Obvious Target Market

If you are going to have a good channel that people will love to come back to, you must first decide which people you want to have love your channel and encourage them to come back. Of course we all want to have something for everyone, but in reality we need to recognize that no one is all things to all people and you have to narrow it down. What could you talk about every day?

2. They Can Be Entertaining and Informative

The iJustine Channel

Target Market: Geeks (or Technology interested people), Social Media Fans (She’s always talking about something on YouTube, Twitter, & Facebook), Some Girls (She’s very girlie.), and Some Guys (Because she is so pretty!) She averages almost a million views per video nowadays. She has a niche channel for techie, girlie, and random yet very relate-able other topics.

3. They Get Viewers to Subscribe

She is very good about remembering to ask visitors to subscribe to her channel after every video.

4. They Get Visitors to Give Comments and Video Replies

She also encourages feedback. Feedback is vital to your channel’s survival.

Video Example: iPAD!!!! I TOUCHED IT!!!! Apple iPad review! (2,291,747 views)

The Fred Videos

Target Market: Kids Fred’s niche channel is a crazy, fun channel. The appeal of the Fred video is immaturity…but in a good way! Everyone likes to be silly sometimes, well Fred gets to be silly all the time. I love the part where Fred goes swimming in this video. LOL! Get in touch with your inner child before watching this one.

5. They Consistently Have High Quality Content

You know that this kid takes some time thinking up, shooting, and editing these short little videos. When you start making your own, you’ll appreciate it even more.

6. They Have Fun with It!

If you aren’t having fun doing it, then your viewers probably won’t have fun watching it. If they have fun, then they’ll want to come back.

Video Example: Fred Goes Swimming: (46,948,000 views)

Next week, I will post more about YouTube and creating viral videos. I can’t wait to share some of my favorites!


Do you want all of your Facebook friends to have your cell number? October 11, 2010

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What about giving your phone numbers to all of your Facebook friends’ friends?

(Bryan Bliss told this to my Facebook friend Chris Brogan. When he posted it, I checked it out, and it’s true so now I’m telling you.)

In case, you’d prefer that all of your Facebook friends not have access to your private phone number read this article.

What happened?
Facebook just published your private cell number.

Two responses are very appropriate here.

Response #1: COOL! How do I see all of my friends phone numbers?

  1. Go to top right of your screen
  2. Click “Account”
  3. Then “Edit Friends”
  4. Go to left side of your screen…and click  “Phonebook”.

Everyone’s phone numbers are now being published unless they have adjusted their privacy settings to prevent this.
Please let your friends know this is happening so they can adjust their settings and stay in control of their privacy.

Response #2: HELP! How do I adjust my phone information privacy settings in Facebook?

  1. Go to top right of your screen
  2. Click “Account”
  3. Go click on “Privacy Settings”
  4. Click on the “Customize Settings”
  5. Then scroll down to see your settings and you can set this information what you click the down arrow next to the option you want to edit.
  6. Click on “Customize”
  7. You can set this information to be seen by “Only Me” and keep it completely private if you wish.

For this type of news and other social media advice “like” the Business Page on Facebook brought to you by Virtual IT Assistants.


Facebook Fan Page Tips for Local Business Owners August 27, 2010

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As the popularity continues to grow for Facebook Fan Pages, so does the local business’s need for creating one.  But, what are you doing with it?  Within the last two months, I’ve seen a huge number of local Facebook Fan Pages/Business pages being created and they are suggesting for all the locals join.  Here’s the problem – they are updated consistently for about a week and then they pretty much “just sit there” with no updated content.

If you’re a local business owner and you’ve created a page you should be updating this page on a regular basis.  Here are some ideas on how to do that.

–          Create specials

–          Create contests  (this will help to add fans or people to like the page)

–           Find interesting industry related articles (even if you didn’t write them)

–          Start the mornings off with a motivational or inspirational quote

–          Get a strategy

–          Create a blog (to post to your fan page)

–          Add content that will increase page interaction

If you are a gym or fitness club, posting interesting articles like this one Yoga could ward off certain diseases (if this is a service you offer) is a great way to keep fans interested and coming back for more. Posting intriguing & valuable information is why people are there – so give it to them.  Here’s one for an auto mechanic – Best Ways to Keep Your Car Running.

Tons of information regarding your industry can be found online to use for posting and updates.

These are just a few ideas to populate your page and add fans/likes.  Keep your content fresh & updated daily.  There are plenty of third party applications to help you schedule content if you can’t be right there to do it daily.

–          Social Oomph

–          Hootsuite

–          Ping

These are just some ideas, but there are more sites available as well.  However, if you do need to schedule post, it’s very important that you interact with your fans as well.  If you’re constantly scheduling updates with no follow-up your fans are going to lose interest and un-like your page.

Another good marketing tool when having a fan page is to tag some of your friends that are not fans yet. Let them know you appreciate them stopping by today or that it was nice seeing them at the grocery store while you were picking up supplies or whatever it may be that you were doing.

How’s that for a start for you local fan page owners?  Now get out there and start using your fan page to Market and GROW!


Social Media for Business July 23, 2010

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As a Social Media Virtual Assistant and a Marketing Manager, I’m constantly asked “Why use Social Media for my business?” “Is it better than traditional marketing?”  To answer those questions and many others, why not check out the statistics for yourself by…

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How Bright Is Your Spotlight? June 25, 2010

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I have an awesome job!  I don’t know too many people who can honestly say that.  I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Shawn Weston about my job and I’d like to share it with you all!


FAJ Spotlight: Kena Roth

Posted by Shawn on Jun 25, 2010 in Entrepreneurship, Frickin’ Awesome Jobs | 0 comments 


Occupation: Social Media Virtual Assistant
Location: Mountain Grove, MO
Age: 31
First Job: Social Media Virtual Assistant (

Greatest Professional Challenge:
Face-to-Face Networking. I like to be the one behind the scenes making it all happen. But, I know that Face-to-Face Networking is so important to grow your network and business.

1. Hi, Kena Roth. What is it that you do?
I’m a Social Media Virtual Assistant. I provide social media marketing assistance to small business owners and entrepreneurs to increase their online presence to bring more visibility to their business and brand.

2. And how did you get that frickin’ awesome job?
3 years ago knowing that my boys were soon to be off to school full-time, I began looking for something (a paying gig) to do from home and ran across Virtual Assistance. I began reading, studying and getting my hands on any type of resources regarding the subject. I was introduced to Twitter and then Facebook. Soon after that, I learned I had a knack for Social Media, so specialized in that niche.

3. Is that your only gig? Or do you do things on the side?
Being a Social Media Virtual Assistant is my only business. Virtually Assisting You, LLC. was established in 2008 and has blossomed ever since. However, to call it my only gig wouldn’t suffice. We live on a 100-acre farm that keeps us very busy (especially during hay season). My family is very active and constantly on the go as well; all four of us participate in ATV aces, love going floating (along with spending time at the lake) tubing, knee boarding, and just hanging out swimming with friends and family. My boys play baseball and participate in wrestling and both will be starting Jiu Jitsu as of July 1st. I’m a taxi driver, as well. We spend a great amount of time with friends and family whether it’s fish frys or bbq’s all year round.

4. What is your typical day like?
My days are spent checking stats and making updates for my social media sites as well as for my clients. In between all this, I manage to entertain two little boys (talk about juggling). I really try to stick to a schedule with two little ones at home, but sometimes life just can’t be planned. That’s the beauty of being an entrepreneur. Client work is always done first thing in the morning so I have my summer afternoons to spend with my boys. In addition, client calls are scheduled on Tuesdays if we need to re-group, or take a different route with our marketing strategy. Dedicating one day to calls makes it easier for me when planning out my work week.

5. What’s your favorite thing about your job? Any things you could do without?
My favorite thing: I love helping businesses gain exposure and watching them grow using Social Media Marketing. Helping a business reach its potential is a phenomenal feeling as a marketing assistant. I love hearing “Wow, our marketing efforts are paying off. I’m going to have to bring on more staff to help out”. <– That’s what I love about my job. Something I could really do without would be basic admin. I live, breath and eat everything Social Media.

6. What advice do you have for readers with really lame jobs?
Figure out what the perfect career path is for you and manifest it. You have to really know what you want out of life and go for it. Vision boards are awesome for this. It might not happen overnight, but if you have the mindset to bring yourself to a new career path, it will happen.



Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be “spotlighted”!


Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone May 21, 2010

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Last week I had the opportunity to speak in Canada at a Bob Proctor event on using Social Media for business.  I had a complete speech prepared on creating a unique strategy for your business.  As a little ice breaker, my first question to the participants was: “How many of you are currently using Social Media?”  Not ONE single person raised their hand – YIKES!

I stood there in disbelief for a moment and as I started speaking, I begin stumbling over my words.  I was totally baffled.  It wasn’t going to do me or them a bit of good to speak on strategy if they weren’t even using it to begin with.  For my next question…How many of you are on Facebook?  Three (3) people raised their hands!  Talk about pulling something out of the sky to even get them started on why they should be using Social Media for business!  But, I pulled it together and gave some examples of how using Social Media has helped some current clients grow.

With all that said, I met some of the most amazing people.  I even helped some setup a Facebook account – woohoo!  I made a lot of connections and possible leads.  Some of the participants have already been in contact with me and want to move forward with Social Media.  But, climbing under the table seriously crossed my mind, once I started speaking to these people and I realized they had no idea what social media even was.

I’m a VIRTUAL Assistant, so going to this event was totally stepping out of my comfort zone.  However, I learned, grew my network, made connections and built relationships.  Stepping out of your comfort zone can open a world of opportunities and I look forward to more face to face connecting.

It’s all about building relationships and connecting!

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Add a Facebook Like Button to Your Website or Blog May 17, 2010

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This is a beginner’s tutorial and does not include information on how to add/edit your meta data in the html head tags. Adding the meta tags are not a necessity to add the like plug in to your website. – If that makes no sense to you, then you are in the right place!

This post will show you how to get the custom code for your site and how you may want to put it on your site. There are two ways to create the code for your website.

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