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Are Poor Conditions Slowing Down Your Web Traffic? December 13, 2010

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Winter storms and icy roads have been causing quite a slow down in traffic here in Indianapolis. It is definitely December and this is the time of year when everyone seems to do their own sort of hibernating. Don’t they?

I cannot believe that next Monday is the LAST MONDAY before Christmas!!! 🙂 I will get back to continuing my part of the holiday wishes with you next week. However, this week I really needed to write about slow traffic. . . web site traffic that is.

For links to a web page load speed testers and tips to speed up your website load time continue reading: Are Poor Conditions Slowing Down Your Web Traffic?


WordPress Redesign: Choose a Layout November 22, 2010

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The advice I shared at my new post on (my personal blog I will be giving a makeover for the next few weeks) is all about Website Layouts.
The advice shared in the article is geared toward people with personal and startup blogs. And it is a warning for all of you technically inclined enough to try and do-it-yourself.

Anyone with a professional or ecommerce blog: Hire a professional developer or purchase a theme geared for professional use.

What this article will teach you:

☑ Why it’s good to go with a theme that is close to what you want:

☑ Why it’s bad for professional websites to go with a theme that is free and used on other websites:

And why changing your WP site layout is NOT just as easy as changing your theme!

Visit: for Choosing Personal and Blog Website Layouts


Your Blog is Your Bond April 10, 2010

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Business Bloggers Note: You never know which of your blog posts will be the first blog post a reader will stumble across, and first impressions are irreplaceable. Posting each article without many grammatical errors and a good sequential flow of your information presented is very important. Today, I am going to share some tools with you to help you put your best foot forward with each and every post.


Make sure you know: what to capitalize in a title.

According to the “The White Paper Marketing Handbook” by Robert Bly, good titles should have the 3 U’s by being: ultra-specific, unique and useful to your readers. For more advice and references on writing a good title read: Why a Good Title Makes a White Paper.


Add visual aid to your posts. (Pictures aren’t always worth a thousand words, however, the right ones really can add value.)

Make sure you utilize keywords in your writing where they are most important.

If your blog program does not include a spelling and grammar check, I recommend trying This online tool allows you to copy and paste your text into their website and check it for spelling & grammar errors.

I wish I could remember where I got these 8 words not to use and their alternatives. However, I decided to go ahead and scan my notes to share them with you anyway. This could have been from an internet source or another article. It’s a good reminder to use your thesaurus and sprinkle your writing with a variety of words. It’s important to be careful and not get too carried away though. You don’t want people to have to look up lots of words in the dictionary just to be able to understand your posts!

If you have an important document like a press release or a business site that gets more than 100 hits per day, I recommend hiring an editor for your content.

No matter what you are blogging about these days, whether it’s for business or pleasure you have a great window of opportunity to establish yourself as a great writer and an expert in your field. Even if you blog about recreational activities or entertainment you must have a certain amount of professionalism when posting your content.


Blog Tip Suggestions February 17, 2010

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We here at The Work at Home Life blog are not the only bloggers, by far.  Many of you that read our blog are bloggers yourself.  Whether you blog for a living, blog as a way to promote your business or blog as just a way to have your thoughts heard, nine times out of ten, you will or already have experienced a mental block.  I have and I know I will at some point again in the future.  Then I came across an article with some pretty interesting tips and I thought I would share a few with you.

  • Tell a story from childhood.  What a great way to give your readers insight into the real you!  You can cite a particular experience you had as the “mini you” and how that has shaped you into the wonderful person you are today.  I know we all have at least one defining moment in our lives that could serve as inspiration to others.
  • Tell a secret.  Yes, I said a secret.  But then, others will know right?  That’s the point.  Keep it in perspective, but give your readers an idea of what makes you tick.  Something that you did to help advance your career or business…nothing illegal or immoral, mind you, but something that may kick start someone else’s creative juices.  Let your readers know that thinking outside of the box is not only okay, but encouraged.
  • Argue with yourself.    If you have changed your mind about the role that Facebook or Twitter plays in social media today that re-blog about it.  Link to an old post of yours and debate your new position.  Explain to your readers why your opinion has changed.  Maybe you have gone through further training in your industry or gained a better understanding of the situation as a whole.  Whatever the reason, allowing your readers to see your updated perspective shows you have grown as a person and you’re not afraid of change. 
  • Write a “For Dummies Post”.  Sounds silly, right?  But how often have you come across others that are either interested in what you do or are just starting out and are looking perhaps for a mentor?  Wouldn’t it have been easier if there were manuals or step-by-step instructions around when you first got started with your profession?  Why not help someone out?  Write a simplified post for those who may not be as familiar with your profession or the subject you chose to blog about.  Not only will you be educating a “newbie” but it will also force you to get back to the basics.  Everyone needs that from time to time, right?  After all, if balancing work and family is your goal, then going back to the basics may just be what’s needed.

Whatever the reason for the mental block, rest assured it will pass and ideas for your blog will again flow.  Just because this may be part of your job, there is no reason why it can’t be interesting and fun, right?


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