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Having Calendar Issues? Try These Tips! June 3, 2010

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As many of you know, I am in love with the Microsoft Outlook calendar.  It’s functions are endless and for me, putting everything I do in one central location has been a tremendous help.  I can track the time I spend on all my work projects, schedule my available time for household errands and still see where I have free time for me.  Yea!!! 

I recently came across a great article from The Crabby Office Lady, who wrote about some unique tips for the Outlook calendar that I thought were worth sharing.  Here are just a few:

  • Change the time periods in the Calendar gridYou can change the default setting for 30-minute time slots to 5-, 6-, 10-, 15-, or 60-minute time slots by right-clicking the actual calendar, click “Other Settings”, and then click the number you want from the “Time Scale” list.  I chose the 15-minute interval since that works better for me.
  • Quickly change an appointment into an all-day event – Once you are in the calendar, switch to “Day” view and drag the appointment to the day heading.  This works great for when the cable guy will be at your house anywhere between the hours of 8-5. 
  • Quickly switch to viewing by month in Calendar – Click in calendar and then press ALT+EQUAL SIGN.  Loved this tip!  Talk about quick!

There are several other Outlook calendar tips from The Crabby Lady that I did not share with you, as well as tips ranging from silly thoughts on life to office and work tips that are great.  The added humor she uses puts things into perspective nicely.


I hope these tips have come in as handy for you as they have for me.  Enjoy and happy scheduling!


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