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Work at Home Does NOT Mean Solitary Confinement April 26, 2010

I have a “confession” to make. I live with a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder also known as “Winter Depression”. Depression is a scary word isn’t it? Here in Indiana we have a wide variety of weather changes. Sometimes there are weeks of gray winter days, one after the next; and those days can seem to last forever.

Due to a brief break during the holidays, followed by four months of burying myself in my work and my studies, I wasn’t really affected by it as much this last winter. The problem with this “solution” is that inevitably ends in a period of “burn out“.

Most of my trouble with winter is the fact that it’s difficult to get out as much. I have found lots of tools that help me work more efficiently, and help me “get out more”. I hope that sharing them with you will help you get out more as well.

  1. One purchase this last winter that transformed some work at home to become work on the go was a smartphone. Check out these smartphone resources:
  2. If you do not have a smartphone yet, but do have a laptop, look into places with free WiFi.
  3. Even if you don’t have a laptop yet, you can go to your local library and find out about the availability of computers and the internet.
  4. Many Virtual Assistants have also found this new cellphone application called Foursquare to be a fun “excuse” to get out more.
      It’s really fun to get the badges and points, but I do have some important rules that I follow for safety. Seriously consider setting boundaries that work for you when sharing your location with the world.

    • Never “check in” until you’re leaving, especially if your going to be there awhile
    • And never check in to someplace you visit on a regular basis. (e.g. school, book club, work, or church)

I am the type of person who loves to be around people, I get sort of energized by it. Therefore, the decision to work at home was truly a difficult one. I knew that I wanted to be at home with my children, but they are growing more independent everyday.

In order to stay healthy and motivated, it’s important for us all to make sure that we live active and balanced lives. Even if you begin to practice working away from your home office once a month, it’s better than not at all. New places and environments can really stimulate productivity!


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