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People Love Numbers – How is your business measuring up? February 22, 2010

As a small business owner, you must measure your successes, failures, and most importantly your progress. Even if you are getting reports from your web developer or social media consultant, it’s smart to know how to get some numbers of your own. Consultants and virtual assistants can bring so much value to your business! Make sure you can measure that value.

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Keywords and Categories and Tags! Oh My! January 25, 2010

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I like labels, don’t you? Search engines do too. Without them, it’d take forever to find anything.

It’s time we all learned how to use them and make sure our work is found in relevant searches.

This article is for all of those amazing bloggers and copy writers who have fabulous content, but aren’t getting found due to a lack of or inaccurate labeling!

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I Have my Facebook Fanpage Setup, Now What? January 22, 2010

 Facebook is a busy place. There are over 250 million active users on Facebook, and more than 120 million of them log in every day. Those in-the-know are taking advantage of Facebook and promoting themselves and their products using Facebook’s platform through one of the actual business applications-the business fan page. I have seen quite a few of these pages popping up around companies that haven’t had a social media presence until someone decided to put the page together. A fan page is a facebook page, similar to a personal profile, centered on businesses, organizations and people that have fans, such as public figures, writers, artists, etc.

Making a fan page takes just a few minutes – add some information about your company, your URL, upload your logo and you’re done. Then, when someone becomes a fan of your fan page, everything you publish appears in their News feed for all their fans and friends to read (unless they have this feature turned off). It makes someone joining your fan page somewhat viral.

The goals you want to have in place when using Facebook for business are:

  • To get found by people who are searching for your products or services.
  • Connect and engage with current and potential customers.
  • Create a community around your business.
  • Promote positive content, including webinars, blog posts or other resources.

Ok, so now what? I suggest creating Google Alerts with industry related search terms. Posting these articles and blogs to your fanpage will help your fans become more aware of what you have to offer along with building your business and brand.


Helpful Google Search Tips January 6, 2010

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As we all know, there are several different search engines out there like Bing, Yahoo, Ask or Google that yield great results for whatever it is we are looking for at the time.  It could be travel or vacation information, job searches, real estate, celebrity news or a variety of other things.  I personally tend to lean towards Google for most of my searches.  I have found that Google offers me more choices than other search engines have.  In addition, there are several tricks I have learned while utilizing this site to narrow down my searches and obtain better results.  I have listed them below to help you out as well: 

  • Tracking flights – Enter airline and flight number to see if flight will be on time.
  • Locating packages – Enter the word “track” + tracking number and a link to the status page should pop up.
  • To find a verbatim phrase – Use quotation marks around the word (ex: “chakra locations”); this will take away many of the irrelevant links that would otherwise pop up.
  • Finding PDF’s, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations – Type in the words “filetype:pdf”, “filetype:xls” or “filetype:ppt” after the word/phrase you want to look up (ex: Hyundai Accent owner manual filetype:pdf).  This search will yield only those files directly related to the preferred file type.
  • To look up movie times – Enter the word “movies” + the city or zip code for theaters in your area
  • To find a person’s address – Enter the person’s home phone number and if it’s listed an address should pop up.

Good luck with your search results and I hope these tips come in just as handy for you as they have for me!


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