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Launch Gum & The Launch United Community: The Who, What, Where, When, Why, How interview April 23, 2010

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Launch Gum & The Launch United Community: The Who, What, Where, When, Why, How interview


 Launch Gum is an energy drink in a chewing gum. One can of launch gum contains 9 sugar free pieces, the energy equivalent of 7 energy drinks.

Launch United is an unprecedented online social network, where individuals buy launch gum, become Launch Reps, build a community and manage a grassroots salesforce.


The product and company were developed and founded by Justin & Eric — @launchgum & @pilonbignell. Launch Gum started when I knocked over Eric’s energy drink with an errant basketball shot and he made the ridiculous comment that “they should make an energy drink that does not spill”. From there we developed Launch Gum, an energy drink in a chewing gum.

The true supporters and drivers of the brand are our dedicated Launch Reps, the members of our one of a kind grassroots salesforce. From LA to New York, from professional and amateur athletes, to influential college students and everywhere in between, they are motivated individuals that love the launch products, are passionate about the brand and exemplify the launch lifestyle


We started the company a few years back, right out of university and began selling around campus, out of the trunk of our cars, to local shops etc. Our customers were amazed by the innovation, effectiveness, taste, value and convenience. Our awareness and distribution exploded nationally and internationally within one year from our first sale.


Why is Launch Gum so awesome? – We utilize a proprietary slow-release formulation, with only the highest quality ingredients and utilize a pharmaceutical grade, cold manufacturing process that ensures unmatched active ingredient retention. Short Version: we make sure the product tastes good and works.

Why is Launch United so awesome? It takes grassroots, authenticity and a customer focus to a whole new level. Our sales, marketing and promotional strategies are focused on placing the power, value and dollars in the hands of our customers and our launch reps. Every action we take is aimed at supporting our customers, supporting our reps, supporting our community.


With an unwavering focus on engaging, learning from and serving our customers. We are able to consistently adapt and improve through crowd sourcing and engaging directly and unfiltered with our Launch Reps. We are truly embedded in the culture we serve and have unbelievably loyal customers. Everyday we gain real-time intelligence direct from our consumers and execute to build a consistently improving 360 degree brand experience.

We absolutely love what we are doing. Launch is truly a community and we consider our Launch Reps and customers our family and friends. We deal with positive, passionate, motivated and inspiring people everyday. We have a product, brand and sales structure that matches our and our friends vision of what being from our generation is truly all about.

Thank You – Justin, and Launch Gum for taking the time to be my guest today!


Exchanging the Flip-Flops & Cowboy Boots for High Heels (only for few hours) April 20, 2010

For a few days in May, I’m trading the flip-flops and cowgirl boots for high heels.  I’ve been asked to speak at The Bob Proctor Matrixx Event ( in Canada.  Although I totally despise being called an expert, I’m going to run with it and be a guest as their Social Media Expert.  I’ll be speaking on using Social Media for Business.  Social Media is a never ending learning process.  There is something new to learn everyday and that is one reason I have a hard time with the term “expert”.

This is going to be a whole new experience for me and my family.  Mom (me) is always here to get everyone out the door.  Whether it is off to work or taking my boys to school with lunches packed, clothes ironed (or thrown in the dryer for wrinkle release 😉 ), papers signed, homework checked or whatever it may be; it’s done by me!  Not that my husband wouldn’t help, it’s just never been an issue of someone else doing it.  Then I thought, “who’s going to water the garden or the flowers?”  When I approached my family about this adventure, there was nothing but quarter sized eye balls and wide opened mouths and a “are you serious”?  I stood firm and said I sure am. 

Q:  “But, Mom, who’s going to make sure all the soap is out of my hair?” 

A:  You’re planning on bathing while I’m gone?  I’m impressed.

Q:  “And who’s going to match my socks up?” 

A:  You or your Dad, or possibly MeMe?!  We’ll figure it out and y’all will make it just fine.  

Q:  “But, Mom you always take me to school and you’re the only one who drops me off at just the right time.”

After a big long discussion of who, what, when and where, my family agreed.  My boys gave me a hug and said “even though we will miss you, we’re very proud of you Momma and what you’re doing with your business and for other online business owners as well.”

I’m not a public speaker and don’t plan on starting now.  However, I do have some knowledge to offer, so why not just get up there and let it out.  I’ve been practicing on my grammar, as well.  I’ve also been trying to say “You All” instead of “Ya’ll.”  But, my husband pointed something out – “They asked YOU to speak and that’s just not YOU honey.” Oh man, he has a point.  Saying ‘Ya’ll’ is one of those things that’s just part of me being me 😉

I’ve always enjoyed being the one behind the scenes; making things flow for my clients online and obviously my family at home.  I never had any desire to “go anywhere” but after some serious thought, I decided I’m going to do this!  Yes!!  I’m going to Canada.  Am I nervous?  Hell Yeah, but I can do this for the industry.

So, here’s to all of us – entrepreneurs, online business owners, virtual assistants and small business owners for getting out there and letting it be known about what exactly we do and how important each and every one of us is.  I’ll be kicking off the flip-flips and boots for a couple of hours and wearing my big girl shoes!


Wish me luck –



Are You a Tire Kicker? If So, Knock It Off! March 26, 2010

 Wow, this has been one crazy week!  I’m helping a local client with tax preparations, not to mention the growing need for Social Media – clients inquiring everyday (new and current clients), a child with the stomach flu and the other child was in the school play this week.  I’M EXHAUSTED!  Did I mention the last minute project that needs to be finished by Friday night at midnight?

 Being a Virtual Assistant, you receive a lot of inquiries, such as, “Now what does a Virtual Assistant do exactly?”   That’s ok, since most VAs I know love to explain what a VA can do for you and how it works.  But, quite often you get these tire kickers – asking repeatedly how you can help with no real intention of using your service at that time.  Anyone else experience this?

In the middle of one heck of a busy Friday – I see a post from a prospect, potential client or tire kicker.  I had spoken to the prospect a couple months back.  They asked me how I did this, this and this and I told them.  Yea, I told them – They were inquiring about using my services and expertise to add to their list. Well, guess what?  They’re now using my services exactly how I told them I would do it, but, without me.  That’s ok though 😉

The saying, “You get what you pay for,” is oh so true in the virtual world.  It’s taken me awhile to learn this, but it always comes back to you.  Word to the wise for you tire-kickers…we’re catching on and we know your kicking several tires.  The Virtual Assistant community is a close knit community for the most part and yes, we do give warnings to our friends.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong in speaking with several Virtual Assistants to see which one (if one) is a perfect match for you; but not on a continual basis.  Our job is to help your business grow and that’s why we’re here.  So, no more tire kicking and let’s take your business to the next level!


Policies for Time Management??? March 24, 2010

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Many of you may not know this about me, but I am an avid Real Simple magazine reader. The magazine contains tons of tips to help simplify your life, whether it is for work or home life. Then I came across an article, “How do you say no to people who want too much of your time?” answered by Julie Rottenberg, who is Real Simple’s etiquette expert and it really got me thinking. Julie talks about having policies in place to help manage our time.

Hmmm….Policies for time management? The concept sounds pretty silly to me. But, the more I thought about it, the more I really liked the concept. In our daily lives we are constantly bombarded by things or people who require more time and attention than we may have to give at any given moment. Julie Rottenberg calls them “Time Suckers.” Some examples may be: 1) Running into an old friend while on your way to meet a client, 2) Constant requests to join various groups or clubs for which you either have no desire or time for or 3) Television on “for noise” while working at home. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been caught up in all three of these examples at one time or another, as well as many others. It’s called life. But that doesn’t mean things can’t change.

So, I have decided to do an experiment.  I am going to create and implement a few policies and for the next 30 days I will try my best to follow them.  Here is what I’ve come up with as starters:

  • I have a standing play date for my son every Thursday.  I am going to create a recurring appointment in my Outlook calendar for the next month for this and come rain or shine, I will keep that appointment (that is of course, if my son stays healthy).
  • My hours of operation are supposed to end by 5:00 pm PST.  However, I tend to put certain small tasks off until later in the evening, like sending out daily reports to clients.  I am going to create a daily reminder in my calendar that will alert me at 4:30 pm PST each day to start wrapping up all work related tasks and projects.  This will not only force me get those reports out on time, but will show my family that I mean business when it comes family time.
  • When I run my errands throughout the week, I inevitably run into other moms that I know.  I say “hello” to be polite, but keep going.  I know that if I stop, I’ll get caught up in a conversation that I won’t be able to get out of.  My goal here is to not only wave hello, but to acknowledge the person in a way that lets them know that I do want to get together, but not at that particular time.  Then call or email them later in the day with some dates/times I do have available for that long overdue chat.

What policies can you enact today to help get your time management under control?  Let’s do this together and see what our results are in 30 days.  Good luck!

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