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What I learned on my summer vacation. June 28, 2010

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I was so inspired by Walt Disney! This man really cherished the past, conserved the present, and shaped his own future. He shaped our future too.


How Many Times We Get Up and Keep on Going June 21, 2010

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Life isn't this easy, but it's pretty good. :)I just got home from vacation, and of course then we have a million things to do over the weekend. When we returned there was a birthday party to attend, and of course Father’s Day (I hope all of you hard-working fathers out there had a great one!) to celebrate, and then today was my first day to be back in the office. I had so many messages that I spent my early morning hours returning phone calls, emails, and trying to catch up with what all of you have been up to on Facebook and Twitter! I didn’t get a spot of work done! I am also feeling pretty tired because even on vacation I had to keep up with online classes and post to forums to get my participation points… and yep, the only time I had to do this was while my family was snoozing away in our room at the wonderful Polynesian Resort. (That video I promised you all will have to posted next week.) I am so glad that I have the opportunity to write for this blog because I know that you all know exactly where I am coming from.

Some days it sounds so much easier to just quit school because most of the time it seems like I am proving what I already know rather than learning anything new. That’s the thing about learning from experience, it will teach us way more than any textbook ever will. On this first summer evening in my state of exhaustion, I am sitting here and counting my blessings. So many things are going right. Even my worst days of working from home for a great company and being with my children are better many of my best days when I worked for corporate America and allowed a daycare center to care for my children during more waking hours than I was with them. I may be tired and a little overwhelmed catching up right now, but tomorrow really is a new day and I am going to make the most of it.


It’s not how many times you fall that matters but how many times you get back up that counts.
– Grace Hatton


Search for Renewal, Find Inspiration June 14, 2010

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I am on vacation today, but I couldn’t help but take a moment to share with you my experience of inspiration here at the Walt Disney World Resort. We, virtual assistants, are creators of our own content; and like Walt Disney we can be inspired by the world around us and then add our own “magic” to make it even better.

I am saddened that my app, WP2go, doesn’t have the option to add a video. (At least not as simply as I can add a picture.) So, I am going to share a photo I took the first day (and brightened with Photoshop Mobile). Stay tuned because next Monday I am going to share a small video clip in hopes to inspire you other designers as well.

For now, I want to leave you with this thought: “Real life affords us no retakes.” So enjoy your family, friends, and travels… Now I am going to go enjoy mine! 🙂



Live your dreams.


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